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Business email id service provider in pune

Email hosting in pune

A great choice for small ,medium & Enterprise business.

Email hosting is a service, which coordinates a network of email servers. For a commerce-focused website, it is desirable to have a professional email service for end users to make the most out of the features offered on the website. Activebit Technologies offers clients excellent email server hosting in pune, providing them ‘POP3 email’ as well as the necessary spam and virus protection software. Especially if you own a small or medium sized business (SME), you should enhance your business email by utilizing Activebit Technologies email server hosting, as our services are way above par in comparison to other email server hosting services in pune.

Our email hosting plans come with fast deliver and its great product experience for you. These include antivirus solutions, free web-based e-mail, mobile and hand held e-mail solutions, unlimited free e-mail forwarding, as well as webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP access.

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Solution For Business Communication

Communication plays a major role in developing a successful business. Whether its internal or external communication, it is essential to send and receive information on a timely basis. Email has been in prevalent use in business for over two decades now and grown to be more convenient form of communication. Get fastest and reliable business email hosting provider in pune.

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Email Services Features

Give your business a professional makeover with with full security, high server up time and speed delivery of emails. Having your brand name spelled out through the second half of your e-mail address lends you a remarkable amount of credibility and professionalism.
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    Email characteristics

    Activebit Technologies provide efficient services with reasonable cost where customers receive everything they require.

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    Quick Deployment

    Activebit Technologies offer standard configuration set-up wizard for rapid installation of email server hosting set up.

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    High Network Uptime

    We are a ‘Tier III data infrastructure’ with assured highest server uptime which improves process speed.

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    Spam Free

    Activebit Technologies provide enhanced spam filters to guarantee negligible spam intrusion.

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    Simplified interface

    We offer Easy and mess email interface for easy working. there is simple UI which is very useful to known entire interface easily.

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    Security Features

    Customers will route all their email via a third-party application to induce options such as spam and virus.