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Our penalty recovery service detects penalty issues related to any of Google's algorithms or any other negative SEO impact. We offer a list of actionable work processes and improvements for websites so that your business doesn't lose its valuable time or money. Finding expert penalty recovery services is important for companies with lead generation or e-commerce websites, as these penalties can have a devastating impact on traffic and conversions. Our google penalty recovery services in Pune have successfully recovered many panelized websites.

Once a website's ranking declines, it becomes difficult to recover. However, for a reliable and experienced firm like activebit this is not the case. Our SEO team is well versed in Penguin, Panda and other Google algorithms. To recover rankings, we implement effective strategies such as adding unique content, conducting backlink audits, removing bad links etc. Our SEO team adds natural links to our client websites that are penalized by search engines. We are aware of the fact that a website with duplicate content can never get high ranking. For ranking improvement, we always use fresh, original and plagiarism free content. As the name suggests, our SEO Rank Recovery service in Pune is designed to recover rankings in the short term with strong tools, strategies and techniques.

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Activebit Negative Google penalty Recovery Process - SEO Penalty Recovery Service in Pune

Search Engine Manual Penalty Recovery

Search engine penalties are negative impact that harm a website's search engine rankings or completely remove it from the search results. We can help you find out if you are being fined by checking everything manually. This means we have to check the entire website and make sure the content is top notch. We also have to check all the links to make sure they are all organic and good links. We can do this for you, so just let us see your website and we can suggest where the problems are and what needs to be fixed.

Search Engine Manual Penalty Recovery services

A Google penalty means that your site is no longer listed on search results or that your ranking for your targeted keywords has dropped dramatically. When your site receives a Google penalty, your target audience cannot find you and when you're invisible to your target audience, your traffic and ultimately revenue goes down. We find effective solutions to prevent you from Google penalties.

Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Due to changes in search engine algorithms evaluate websites, algorithmic penalties mean websites are negatively affected and lose traffic. There are a few things we need to look at to find out why your website is being penalized by search engines. There are filters that are used by search engines that can automatically determine if a website is violating their guidelines. However, we can help you to figure out if you are suffering from Penalty and use some of the tools we have available. These mainly include Google Panda and Penguin which can help us find out which areas are causing problems so we can fix them.

Algorithmic Penalty Recovery

Bad Links Removal

Bad links means such links that violate search engine guidelines. If there are unnatural or non-organic links on your website, we can help you get rid of them. We just need to find out which ones are pulling your site down and removing them from your site. We can also work with other site owners to remove them from their site. This can be a time consuming task, so we want to take care of it for you while you care about other things of your business.

Bad Links Removal services

Upload Bad Backlinks Disavow

For some reason if we are unable to remove a bad link from your site or linked to your site, we must deny those links. We have to do this through the tools in the search engine and go to the rejected link or we can upload a text file that will tell Google which sites they should ignore when searching. It can be a complicated and time consuming process, so all of these activities will take care by us for you.

Backlinks Disavow services

Advantages of selecting best Google Penalty Removal Service in Pune for your Business!

There are a number of factors that can cause your website traffic or rankings to drop dramatically, but the penalties assessed by Google are one of the first things we look for when diagnosing this problem. Links to low quality sites, hidden text, keyword stuffed content and more can affect to one of Google's penalty filters & take you away from a good position on search engine results pages. We offer penalty assessment services to identify on-site & off-page elements that may result in site wide or page-specific penalties on your site, as well as recovery services to help your site get back on track to regain traffic & rankings.

  • We've successfully retrieved many websites from Google Penalty and recovered lost traffic and rankings more than ever before.
  • Our experts do a detailed analysis to find out the exact reason behind the penalty and optimally resolve the reason at the earliest, thus we succeed in getting back the reduced rankings quickly.
  • Responding to search engine responses as quickly as possible and expediting the necessary changes requested by search engine is the primary task in our negative SEO recovery process.
Google Penalty Removal Service in pune

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Choosing Activebit for Google Penalty recovery Services

Google Rank Recovery Services in Pune

Search engine Penalty Removal Services is a sub-discipline of SEO that helps companies overcome issues with being penalized by search engine, primarily related search engine algorithm updates. It is important for companies with lead generation or e-commerce websites to seek expert penalty recovery services, as these penalties can have devastating effects on traffic and conversions.


Google Penalty Removal expert

Google Penalty Removal Specialist

Removing Google Penalties does require quick action. We have experienced team to solve the Google penalties issues and win back lost traffic and rankings quickly.


Accurate Diagnosis

Accurate Diagnosis

Our experts perform detailed analysis to find out the reason behind the penalty using latest tools and technologies which help in finding the reason early so that we can recover it easily.


Full Transparency

Full Transparency

We provide you with an in-depth information of penalty errors & are fully transparent with the work we do on them so that you can know more about the recovery process.


Full Customer Support

Grate Customer Support

Customer support is our first priority, We are available to ensure good communication and we keep you updated on work progress.

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FAQ's - Know before selecting Negative SEO Recovery Services in Pune

Q: What is Google penalty?

A: A Google penalty is a penalty against a website whose content contradicts the marketing practices implemented by Google. This penalty can come as a result of an update to Google's ranking algorithm or a manual review indicating a web page used "black hat" SEO tactics.

Q: Why do i need search engine penalty recovery services?

A: If you're not sure if your website has been penalized by search engine, here are some signs that you may need our help, Your website traffic is significantly reduced, Your website ranking has dropped, You will no longer appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) in such cases search engine Penalizes your website to solve the ranking or penalize issue we need Google penalty recovery services in Pune.

Q: How do i know if my site has been penalized by Google?

A: First, try the Google Search Console to check for any manual actions taken on your site. If you don't see any manual actions listed, you can use the "Fetch as Google" tool to see if there are any issues preventing your site from being indexed by Google. If you still don't know why your site isn't ranking well, you can submit a reconsideration request to Google. In your request, be sure to include information about the changes you made to your site and how you resolved the issues that caused it to rank poorly or get help of best Google Penalty recovery agency in Pune.

Q: How long does it take to recover from these penalties?

A: This question is difficult to answer because there are many types of Google penalties and the time it takes to recover from them can vary. However, in most cases you should see improvement within a few weeks or months. If you don't see any improvement after several months, you may need to seek the help of a professional SEO company in Pune.

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