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SSL certificates provided by Activebit offer the strongest encryption available in a variety of options designed to meet your needs. Backed with superior encryption strength and browser ubiquity, our digital certificates provide the highest level of rigorous validation and authentication with our Extended Validation (EV) certificate, you'll get a branded green secure and HTTPS address bar, trusted indicators on the web that make your users feel safe when they're on your website.

Activebit is a famous SSL certificate provider in Pune. Our expert professionals provide different security certifications to keep your server safe from all types of threats. We deliver comprehensive domain SSL certificate in Pune to your website and server to face all challenging situations including any cyber attacks. Our secure and reliable SSL certificate provides secure networking and browsing along with your valuable data. The most secure features are compiled on your server with a customized SSL certification package by our security experts.

SSL certificates

Choose SSL certificates as per your need with best HTTPS Certification Provider Company in Pune

Domain Validated SSL (DV)

DV certificates provide the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to achieve industry standard encryption. These certificates require proof of ownership to secure the domain and can be issued in minutes. Once installed, DV certificates display trust indicators such as a padlock icon in the browser and enable HTTPS. Since the validity of the organization is not checked, DV certificates are only ideal for internal sites, test servers, and test domains. If you're just starting out or want to use an SSL certificate to secure your personal website or blog, Domain Validated SSL (DV) is usually sufficient.

Domain Validated SSL services

Organization Validated SSL (OV)

OV certifications are a level above DV. To obtain OV certificates, organizations must prove that they own the domains they wish to secure and that they are a legitimately registered business. If you do any business online, you should at least use OV SSL. When you're handling any kind of customer data, Organization Authentication (OV) will ensure that the certificate really belongs to your organization and that the domain belongs to you, not a third party. It verifies the authenticity of the organization and its legitimacy which adds an extra layer of trust. OV certificates also provide a dynamic site seal that displays authenticated company information to the site visitor with HTTPS and a padlock symbol.

Organization Validated SSL services

Extended Validation SSL (EV)

EV certificates are the highest form of SSL certificate on the market and the industry standard for commercial websites. In addition to the trust indicators provided by DV and OV certificates, EV certificates activate the green address bar in web browsers, the most recognizable symbol of secure website security that earns consumer trust. When a website is enabled with a green bar, it is instantly recognized as a legitimate site and safe to submit confidential data such as credit card or customer login details. To obtain an EV certificate consumers must complete the same level of certification as for an OV certificate but go through a rigorous inspection process by an expert. Due to additional authentication requirements, EV certificates typically take 1-5 days to be issued.

Extended Validation SSL services

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL, also known as SSL WebServer OV Wildcard it is an excellent option for organizations who want to secure their main domain with multiple subdomains. Wildcard is a reputable name in the SSL industry, which comes with prestigious certificate specifications. It offers dynamic site sealing 99.9% browser and mobile detection. It's a cost effective and comprehensive SSL certificate, the perfect choice for medium to large companies or businesses that place the highest stock in customer assurance.

Wildcard SSL Certificates services

Multi Domain SSL

Multi domain certificates also known as SAN certificates, offer unlimited flexibility and full control over the Subject Alternative Name field and now any certificate can be configured to allow multi domain. These certificates are ideal for securing multiple names on different domains and subdomains. You have the option to add, change and delete any SAN on the fly to reflect the evolving needs of your network. A multi domain SSL certificate gives you total versatility streamlines management. Easily secure multiple domains, sub domains, external IP addresses and other environments on a single certificate throughout the lifecycle.

Multi Domain SSL services

Code Signing SSL

Code signing certificates allow software publishers to digitally sign their code, including applications, executables, scripts and programs, to confirm that the software has not been tampered with an outside source. This is especially important for those who distribute through third party download sites, over which they have no control. Major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows will display an error or warning message to end users if the software they are downloading or installing does not have an encrypted digital signature, verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). We obtain code signing certificates from various certificate authorities or brands & install them on site.

Code Signing SSL services

Benefits of choosing Activebit as your trusted SSL Certificate Provider Company in Pune.

In simple terms, an SSL certificate provides a secure connection between a user's browser and a webserver. It is a small cryptographic key and when applied to a website it shows a padlock symbol before the website domain and activates HTTPS protocol for secure data connection. Our highly skilled team has vast experience in SSL setup and installation services in Pune, India. As Activebit is a trusted SSL certificate provider in Pune, we aim to provide our customers with the best technology and timely SSL website security on their websites. We're helping you stay safe while using the Internet. The green padlock of an SSL certificate instills confidence in customers and thus helps in conversion. Our SSL experts in Pune are available anytime to help you at all stages of SSL certificate management. We provide technical support for SSL installation.

  • Strong encryption & secure site to increase customer confidence
  • We ensure compatible certificates with all major browsers
  • High quality support in mobile devices with full customer support
  • Our SSL certificates increases trust with your website visitors
SSL certificate provider company in pune

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Why Choose Activebit as your SSL certificate Services

SSL certificate provider company in Pune, India

SSL certificates act as small data files that bind cryptographic keys to secure an organization's details! The certificate allows secure transactions, data transfer and connecting to browsers from web servers! Get proper authentication for your website with encrypted connections! We provide the best SSL certificate services in Pune to secure your website and business! This digital certificate provides proper authentication to your website!


HTTPS Certification Provider Company

Complete and Flexible Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions and broad set of integrations ensure you have an environment of trust that matches your business needs. We offer a wide range of SSL solutions to suit your needs and ensures that all your needs are met in one place.


SSL certificates

Full Data protection

An SSL certificate protects your website and data. The main function of an SSL certificate is to protect server client communication. An SSL certificate helps you to protect sensitive data like IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. from hackers.


SSL certificate provider

Unmatched Technical Support

We advise our customers to use a trusted SSL certificate for their e-business to gain customer trust in their online portal. We have a team of experts to assist you with your needs to install SSL certificate on your website. We are always available to help you.


SSL Certificate Services

Browser Ubiquity

Activebit, Our team is always at your service to analyze your SSL requirements and provide you with the best suitable solution. Our certificates are supported by all popular browsers, keeping the browsing experience hassle free.


SSL certificate provider company

Data Integrity

SSL ensures that transmitted data remains intact and encrypted. The digital signature ensures the integrity of the message and ensures that no one misuses the passenger information.


SSL certificate agency pune

Enhance Visibility

A higher ranking means your website will get more visibility in search engines. Apart from web optimization and marketing strategies, the website will definitely benefit from SSL which will increase the ranking in Google and other search engines.

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FAQ's - Know before Going to HTTPS Certification Provider Company in Pune

Q: Why SSL certificate is required for Website?

A: The SSL certificates are used to make your website transmitting secured. SSL play a important role during transmitting sensitive information or data from server to clients computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn't handle sensitive information like credit cards, debit cards and other sensitive information. So SSL certificate is required for websites. Activebit technologies provides Secured SSL certificate service in Pune.

Q: How do i get an SSL certificate for my website?

A: Need a dedicated IP address in order to provide the best security, SSL certificates require your website to have its own dedicated IP address, Buy a Certificate, Activate the certificate, Install the certificate, Update your site to use HTTPS for all your website users. after successfully done SSL certificate purchase and installation we have to redirect domain with https then it shows secured green icon for your website. this is the process of SSL certificate installation. Activebit technologies is SSL certificate provider in Pune we will help you to install certificate on your website.

Q: What is a certificate signing request or CSR?

A: A CSR is a public key that you generate on your server according to your server software instructions. (If you do not have access to your server, your web hosting service provider will generate it for you.) The CSR is required during the SSL certificate enrollment process because it validates the specific information about your web server and your organization. Activebit technologies helps to get SSL certificate service for your website.

Q: What is a Domain Validated (DV) Certificate?

A: Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificates deliver the simple & quickest solution to secure a domain. this certificate verified only domain name during the validation process. Anyone who can control of a registered domain can get this SSL security within minutes of ordering. DV certificates are suitable for only small or start-up businesses. Activebit technologies provides Domain validated SSL certificate services in Pune.

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