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Website maintenance services in pune

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If a website isn’t well-maintained, people will stop coming, search engines will stop caring about your website and you could be opening the website up to security vulnerabilities! Fewer visitors equal fewer potential sales, which means less money, which leads to… well, you get the picture. Sometimes things go wrong, and there’s nothing more comforting then knowing that all will be fixed if an emergency occurs. We can provide you with that peace of mind by regularly maintaining and performing additions and upgrades to your Website so you can sleep well at night knowing that your site is well-maintained and your website’s visitors are protected. We’re a website design and maintenance company in pune all rolled into one.

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We Care For Your Website

Website maintenance in pune can be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images on a web page, right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages or new functionality for your website.

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Website Maintenance Services

A website is your brand’s online home. It portrays your brand values, products and services to your existing and potentially new customers. There are several reasons why website maintenance services is necessary
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    Content updates

    your website’s content is fresh and kept current. This beneficial for the people that come to visit your website but it’s also maintain high rankings in search engine results.

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    Replace images

    Replacing images is better for website to know better about your products. Replacing images is better for search engine optimization to images crawl fast in search engine.

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    Add new web page

    We will add new web pages in your website with content, description, images, media files like PDF, images according to your

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    Update photo gallery

    Updating photos of your products is useful to grow your business we provides you to upload images in your gallery under website maintenance services.

Website Maintenance Process

We will take care to ensure that your website data is secure at all times and we will also propose changes on your website that meet the latest technological changes on the web from time to time so that your website is always ahead of the curve.
  • Step 1

    Review & test the entire website

    Set aside time to methodically and thoroughly review all pages of the website. that may find broken links and more errors that should be improved.

  • Step 2

    Security updates & bug fixes

    Update hosting service software & install upgrades, security patches, bug fixes or any other updates that may compromise your site

  • Step 3

    Check Backups

    We check that your entire website and data is backed up and taken back of website and data is retrievable or not. Monitoring back of website and data is secured.

  • Step 4

    Test browser compatibility

    Website layouts or technology may become incompatible with new browsers. Regularly review and test your website in various versions of mainstream browsers.

  • Step 5

    Review contact information

    Contact information on your website should always be up to date and accurate wee keep updated including team member names, addresses, phone numbers and email

  • Step 6

    Review & update legal disclaimers

    we keep updates of your privacy policy, site terms and conditions of use, terms of sale and any disclaimers to ensure they are compliant with policies and laws.