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When you're running a modern business, consistent service and data security are critical. Access to a reliable backup service is an essential part of managing business operations, preventing data loss, and ensuring business integrity and reputation management. Regardless of your size or industry, it's important to regularly back up critical data and services and develop a comprehensive business continuity plan in the event of a disaster. Activebit cloud backup solutions are built to protect your data in our environment so that whenever the worst happens, you can replicate it and get your business back online. We understand that with time, the business expands and so do the requirements. In this way, we make our services flexible and scalable allowing you to upgrade and configure them according to your needs.

Activebit is the most reliable and leading acronics supplier in Pune. Our expertise is validated by the solutions we deliver to our clients. We focus on industry best practices to be the best cloud solution. We value our clients and we deliver the perfect cloud solution for our clients.

Cloud Data Backup Services

Types of cloud backup Storage - Best Cloud Backup Solutions in Pune

Public cloud storage

Public cloud storage is essentially a multi tenant storage environment mainly used to store unstructured and less sensitive data. Public cloud storage acts as a global data center where computing resources can be stored and accessed by the general public through the Internet. Among the top public cloud storage vendors are the big brands, we at activebit provide you with the best cloud backup platform is Acronic & other backup solutions as you need.

cloud data backup services

Private cloud storage

Private cloud storage is a cloud environment that is used only by an organization and is usually managed by internal resources or a third party vendor. Private clouds are designed for organizations that require complete data control, customization and high level security. You can select any of the cloud backup solutions among the top vendors of private cloud storage such as VMware, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), OpenStack, etc. We will create backup plan for you at affordable prices.

Cloud backup services in Pune

Hybrid cloud storage

Hybrid cloud storage represents the combination of public and private cloud storage to form a comprehensive system. In this case, critical data is stored in a private cloud, while less sensitive data is transferred to public cloud storage. To achieve maximum efficiency in a virtualized environment, the services of both public and private cloud providers are used.

Cloud backup solutions in Pune

Benefits of choosing Activebit as Data Backup and Recovery service in Pune.

We are the leading cloud backup service provider in Pune, India. Activebit offers fully dedicated cloud services that allow customers to back up files online through a cloud computing setup. It allows clients and enterprises with varying computing capabilities to store and manage data on third party servers located in privately owned clouds or remote data centers. One of the biggest advantages of using a cloud service is that it allows you to access your files from anywhere. Backup and recovery services are tasks that every IT organization must perform, thus making data accessing systems more efficient and reliable.

As data becomes a critical mission asset for businesses, IT organizations need backup solutions that can effectively protect against data loss, corruption, compromise and theft. Activebit offers data protection software, tools and solutions that help dramatically simplify data backup and recovery, protect data from a variety of threats and reduce costs.

  • No limit to how long you can store data & file.
  • Remotely manage backup plans through a central dashboard.
  • Smart storage & restore management utility tools.
  • Customized backup plan creation facility.
Data Backup Services In Pune

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Why Choose us as Data Backup Solution Providers in Pune

Cloud Backup Services

As a leading global cloud provider, Activebit provides access to our global data centers and cloud services to keep your data safe. Our cloud backup solutions in Pune, india offer a multi tiered support model that starts with replication and synchronization. Our second level seamlessly backs up your hard disk volume even when it's in use. For premium online data backup, we offer a range of data recovery features that protect your data and applications no matter what happens. Our flexible cloud storage solutions allow you to choose the features you need.


Cloud backup Security Services


Our state of the art data center infrastructure, backup and advanced disaster recovery services, your business critical data is protected both physically and digitally.


Data Backup and Recovery service

Reduced Downtime

Our Backup recovery solutions minimize downtime and keep your business running. We ensure that your lost data is recovered to the original location in minimum time on a single click.


Data Backup Solution Providers

Customized Solution

As India's leading backup recovery and business continuity service provider, we offer tailor made solutions. We provide you with customized backup plans to meet all your needs in one place.


Automatic data backup services

Auto backup options

Cloud backup services can often be set to run automatically, saving you time and preventing data loss due to forgotten backup scheduling. We provide you local and network backup in automatic mode so that your backup continuesly runing.

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FAQ's - Know before selecting to Top Cloud backup services in Pune

Q: What is cloud backup?

A: Cloud backup is also known as cloud computer backup and store backed up data to a remote cloud-based server. Cloud backup allows you to store data from your local desktop computers to a cloud server which is located on another location.

Q: Is online backup safe?

A: Definitely online backup is very safe and secure. Online cloud backup servers will store your data more securely than it was stored on an external hard drives. If locally stored data in hard drive was crashed or damaged it cannot be restored. but online stored data on cloud server can be restored any time. The online backup and restore services in Pune is safe and secure you can choose our data backup services in Pune.

Q: How does cloud backup work?

A: Cloud backup is a copy of the data sent over a secure proprietary or public network to a cloud-based server. it allows you to take a backup regularly from your local machine or mobile devices to cloud server. to protect your important business or personal data you can go for our cloud backup and recovery services in Pune at affordable rates.

Q: Why do we need backup?

A: The reason for data backup is to save important files of your business and personal data. If your local system crashed or hard drive failure occurs. In that case you cannot restore your personal data or business data at any cost. Additional backups taken on cloud server could be restored any time you want. for your important data you must need a online backup solutions contact. we are the popular backup solutions provider in Pune. you can trust on us for your important data to keep secure.

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